Saturday, May 27, 2017

Peru, South America!

Ohmagerd! I've made it to Machu Picchu! I've been wanting to travel here for the past 5 years and finally I did it! I had a goal to come to Peru after graduating as a celebration and gift to myself, but the timing never was right (but I still got to travel to other cool places). But this year.. the time was right AND it was super sweet that I was able to share this experience with my love, MVamos.

Peru was so beautiful whether at the capital of Lima to the small town of Urubamba. The locals were nice and quite helpful when we traveled via the colectivo to get to our Sacred Valley sights. The food was colorful, fresh, and delicious AF! I was obsessed with the Peruvian textiles, they were beautiful and I regret not buying more things! Those who know me know my style and interest of textiles.. so yeah.. I wish I bought more lol.. Next time I'll buy more!

When we arrived to Machu Picchu.. it was like a dream. It's funny.. I've never heard of Machu Picchu until I was 21 from a past relationship (my school did not teach geography- I went to a "ghetto" school lol) and didn't really feel the need/want to really go there until 2012. I suddenly had the yearning to travel to Machu Picchu as affirmation to myself that I could do this on my own and especially on my own terms. And I know I've done more than that. When I saw Machu Pichhu in person after taking that first deep breath- my heart that yearned to get there was now fulfilled. Machu Picchu is amazing and I cannot describe the feeling you get as you wonder around the grounds and touch the stones made by the Incas. Not only was MP so rad, the other ruins took my breath away as well! Especially Moray!

Anyway.. Here are some photos!


Friday, April 28, 2017


..... I really suck at blogging. I get excited about making blogs but then I just don't blog often enough. I get lazy, I'm forgetful and sometimes.. I just don't have anything to blog about. This was not the case.. I was just too lazy to blog about this, which to some folks is crazy cause.. why wouldn't you want to write about your wedding?! Well, I'm a different kind of gal. Hehe..

Anyway.. MVamos and I were officially married on November 19th, 2016 at the courthouse which was sweet, simple, just us and our friends. I chose this date because November 19th are my parent's anniversary date (awwwww.. yeah, yeah). I just wanted this as our wedding, but we must please the parents.

In my early 20's I was definitely a sucker for the most perfect wedding and I had to have this and had to have that.. I needed to invite all the people I knew just cause I wanted people to think highly of my wedding. Ya know, stupid and materialistic things. As I got older.. my god, weddings are just a sham. It's a business and a rip off.. Yes I know, too each their own- but I can see the unnecessary stress on material things that you're throwing your money away. Weddings are becoming a production to show off your success to your family and friends even if you don't have the funds.. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.. but that's just my opinion. PLUS!! Studies show the more dinero you spend on your wedding- the less likely your marriage will survive.. just saying. 

Ok.. enough of my rant. So we had a wedding because mainly for our families.. because we must please the parents because we love them and do not want to disappoint. My mom cannot force me to do anything, but I do want her to be happy so we had a wedding and she was able to compromise because I was able to do the wedding my way. I do what I want! Long story short.. the wedding was on January 28th, 2017 at a brewery. It was a success because I had friends and family who helped me put the wedding together. I love our wedding because it showed me that we have friends and family who love and wanted to celebrate us as a couple. We had a small wedding which was under 60 guests. We wanted an intimate wedding because we're practical and wanted to invite those who actually took the time to know MVamos and I as a couple.  Because we were officially married in November, there was no need for an official officiant so we had my brother perform the ceremony- it was short and sweet. Not long after we just had a cocktail reception. Lots of mingling, good food and drinks. Although simple and more practical than most.. I still have expectations (obvy within reason) and am very happy how our wedding turned out.

I'll write a separate blog on the estimated break down of the wedding and costs since the entire wedding was under $3,000 for a swanky and chic lookin' wedding lololol.. below are some details!

Cheers Ya'll!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Back!... Japan!

Again.. I've disappeared and now I'm back! Many things have happened in the past several months.. nothing crazy, just some things. We moved out of our apartment due to the the rental increase as well as other reasons with our future plans. We moved in our friend's house and it's going pretty well. Miss my own apartment, but this is just temporary. Anyway.. I'll write about other stuff later.

Anyway! We went to Japan! Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Japan is.. AMAZING. Mitchell and I love the culture- it's very structured and just respectful. I've never felt so safe in my travels as I did in Japan. I could actually see myself travel there alone without fear. Each city had their own vibe and my favorite was Osaka. Osaka was more laid back and the city felt like it was all about good times and food- my life pretty much (haha). The food was delicious.. and.. the 7 Elevens are awesome haha. Wish our trip was longer.. I wouldn't mind coming back here again.. and we probably will!

Here are some photos!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Berlin, Germany.

Hallo! Sooo..we actually went to Berlin Germany last week- a somewhat spontaneous kind of trip.. at least for me anyway. MVamos had a conference in Berlin and asked if I wanted to go and I said I'd only go if we could find a fairly priced ticket. And luckily MVamos did all the leg work and found me a ticket! A golden ticket!

Anyway, MVamos had a day and a half of the conference and thus gave me the opportunity to venture out on my own! It was really nice to wander around the city at my leisure with no plans- I even got to do a local food tour!. Berlin I'd have to say was one of my favorite trips just because I learned so much! I know we learned about the cold war, world war I and all that jazz in high school but that was high school- as a teenager I didn't care. But now I am older, wiser (hopefully), and more compassionate-  relearning the history was a treat! Especially being there in person, touching the Berlin wall, standing at the Bradenburg gate, standing on top of Hitler's bunker (which is now just a parking lot) was incredibly neat.

What I took away most was what our tour guide said. It's unfortunate that Germans can't feel proud because they would be incredibly criticized because of their history. It's not fair that this burden is carried because Berlin does one hell of a job commemorating those who have fallen and what had happened. I have grown so much respect after this trip. Anyway, enough with getting deep.. here are some photos!

 Memorial of the Murdered Jews.


Stumbling Stones 


Touching the Berlin wall :)

Currywurst! Berlin's known snack (drunk food perhaps?)


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wilton, Connecticut.

Last month I was requested to be shipped out to Wilton, Connecticut for work for two weeks to give my support with some of the new hires there and of course I was excited. I am so grateful that the hard work I've put in the 2-3 years is finally paying off.

Rather embarrassing, but I had a moment when I was sitting at the Sky Lounge in Manhattan, New York. Zuri, my work travel partner, went to the restroom and I was left sitting and staring at the high rise view of New York.. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of appreciation of where I was at.. I know it's ridiculous and it may not be monumental for some, but for me it really meant something... ANYWAY.. that's all I say about that.. but here are a couple of photos... 

Dream Big. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our Dam Hoi!

It's a dam hoi! (sort of) MVamos and I decided to have our non traditional dam hoi on the Sunday Mama MVamos was in town. I thought it would be a great time and opportunity to have an engagement celebration while she was here and to involve her in something culturally unfamiliar. To keep this short and sweet, I had family and close friends join us in this celebration and kept it very personal and intimate because that is what matters the most, not the production. Plus!! I got to have my very first adult ao dai.. and it was perfectttttt.

Here are a few photos!